Slow Tempo Workshop

Peter Kyle Dance offers regular workshops in Slow Tempo for dancers, actors, choreographers, directors, teachers, and anyone interested in learning about movement.

Slow Tempo is an approach to physical performance that incorporates a slow movement practice with an improvisational sensibility. Taught by choreographer Peter Kyle and often joined by actor Scott Giguere, the Slow Tempo workshop combines the physical training method of Japanese theater director Shogo Ohta with contemporary dance techniques with the goal of training individuals to appreciate the moment-to-moment fact of one’s “being here.” Slow Tempo has broad application in all of the performing and creative arts, and provides opportunity for learning valuable life skills through contemplative practice. This work helps individuals develop:

  • Improved concentration
  • Sensitivity to the totality of thought and motion
  • Greater efficiency in use of the body
  • Refined skills in composition and silent narrative

Daily sessions begin with a thorough full-body warm-up, instruction in Slow Tempo technique, and structured improvisations allowing for free exploration of moving in extreme slowness where Ohta believed “we find fresh expression to defamiliarize our daily experience—to look again.” The material offers rich opportunity for exploring composition and self-generated work with new sensitivity and presence.

The program is easily adaptable for participants of all skill levels.

Please write to info[at]peterkyledance[dot]org for information and to book your Slow Tempo workshop.