Projects & Repertory


Peter Kyle Dance maintains a wide range of active repertory. The company prides itself on fashioning unique programs for each performance engagement whether in traditional or unexpected venues. Our goal is to thrill audiences and enliven every space with dynamic performances uniting artists of the highest caliber. See below for our evolving list of repertory. Click on select titles below to view video recordings or contact us to request further information.

Shirts and Shoes (2018) is a 60-minute dance performance created in collaboration by choreographers Peter Kyle (USA) and Anton Ovchinnikov (Ukraine) with a team of Ukrainian artists. The work is the culmination of a larger research project called, Dancing Through Translation, which the artists conducted between 2017-2018

Vigilance (2015) is a 50-minute trio with music by Brad Wentworth along with Liszt’s piano suite, Consolations. The work features delicate paper sculptures by artist Caleb Nussear, lighting by Andrew Dickerson, and costumes by Garo Sparo

Move-Remove (2014) is an evening-length program comprised of two companion pieces, Tribute and I’m going to leave you now. In these works for three dancers, the simple act of adding and subtracting elements brings new awareness to what is both seen and unseen. The work features costumes by Garo Sparo, lighting design by Andrew Dickerson, mirrored mosaic sculpture and visual design by artist Caleb Nussear, and original music played live by composers William Catanzaro (Tribute), and Brad Wentworth with Michael Bellar, Eivind Opsvik and Jonathan Powell (I’m going to leave you now).

100 DAYS (2012) is a tour de force evening-length solo built entirely from borrowed movements gathered over 100 days of studying 100 everyday people as they moved about their lives. The project features music by William Catanzaro, lighting by Andrew Dickerson, and costume by Garo Sparo.

Rock Star (2011) is a solo with wearable marble sculpture created by German artists Venske & Spänle, and tailored to Peter Kyle’s body. First performed as an 8-minute piece, the work is of variable duration and can be performed with a changing musical score. It was first performed to live cello by composer Lori Goldston.

Maibild (2011) is a 9-minute duet for Peter Kyle and Holley Farmer with an electronic score by James Bigbee Garver and inspired by Paul Klee’s painting of the same title.

Brocade (2011) is a 15-minute solo for dancer Holley Farmer. It has a variable score, first composed and performed by Lori Goldston. The solo is inspired by Marie Antoinette.

KnowOne (2010) is an evening-length work (60 minutes) for seven dancers with live music by Michael Bellar and the As-Is Ensemble, marble sculpture and video animation by German artists Venske & Spänle.

Nearer (2007) is a 25-minute quartet with live percussion and Wurlitzer score by Brad Wentworth.

Frail Demons (1984/2006) is a 14-minute solo by Murray Louis with original score by Alwin Nikolais, revived by Peter Kyle and Murray Louis in 2006.

Four Solos on the Divide (2007) is a 23-minute quartet in three sections, inspired by Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! with electronic score composed by James Bigbee Garver.

Near-Far (2006), is a 6-minute duet with live percussion score by Brad Wentworth.

Chamber Dance No.1 (2008), is a 7-minute solo with electronic score by James Bigbee Garver.

Yepikhodov’s Dance (or Twenty-Two Disasters)(2005) is a 5-minute solo set to music by Donizetti.

Return: In Parts (1993) is a 15-minute solo with live vocal score by Peter Kyle (sometimes performed as a duet or trio).

Lune (2003), is a 30-minute solo musing on the geometry of the sphere, with live music by cellist Lori Goldston.

Polyphony (2008) is a 16-minute group dance in three sections with music by Chopin, Lauridsen and additional rhythmic score by Peter Kyle (12-16 performers, can include dancers from host institution/community).

In 5… and 7 (2006) is a 14-minute sextet in three movements with music by Richard Huntley & Nikolaj Hess.