Peter Kyle in "Travelers" photo: Alexander Dololov

Travelers, is an in-the-round performance installation by American artists, Peter Kyle, Diego Vásquez, and Caleb Nussear. It embraces the Heraclitean notion of impermanence. Delicately colliding bodies, sound, and image animate transient space, creating a world where nimble human agents illuminate the relentless pursuit of dialog. Nussear’s kinetic, sharp-edged mirror sculptures play against Kyle’s ever-mobile, long-limbed form; UVERSA, a cosmic and aspirational piece for basset-horn and electronics by Karl Stockhausen features a haunting live solo part, played by Vásquez, adorned in vibrant orange; Nussear, a hooded, slinking figure operates a series of portable projectors to bathe the performers and distant corners of the performance space(s). In this ever-shifting world nothing but change is constant, and all are fellow-travelers participating in one, extended, harmonious moment.

This work represents the most recent collaborative project between Kyle and Nussear. Since 2014 they have developed two evening-length performance projects and numerous indoor and outdoor installation events. Joining them for the first time is multi-faceted musician, Diego Vásquez. The intersection of sculpture and projected image, dancing and music highlights their shared interest in exploring spatial dynamics, immediacy, delicacy of motion and the phenomenon of attention.

The project premiered June 7-8, 2019 at the Zelyonka SpaceUP Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our venue was Carbon, a cavernous soviet era exhibition hall on the outskirts of the city, which we transformed for the occasion.

Click HERE to watch a trailer for the piece.

Diego Vásquez in Travelers photo: Alexander Dololov